A number, an email or contact information?

by Renegade

You see a stunning woman from across the room. After the requisite 3 seconds, you take action and engage her in conversation. You interact with her, make her smile, laugh and realize you are a person worth knowing. Assuming neither of you have time to continue the interaction elsewhere, you need someway to contact her again. But how?

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to number closing. One, getting numbers is awesome. It doesn’t matter what else happens, you got a number! Two, numbers are wood. If that woman can’t agree to make plans to see you again on the spot, it probably won’t happen.

I advocate that numbers are wood. This doesn’t mean you never get them, it simply means you get a commitment from her to meet you again first.

If you’ve seen Glengarry Glen Ross, you might remember the scene where Sheldon Levine pleads with Williamson for the Glengarry leads, saying the ones he has are shit. Blake (Alec Baldwin) later tells him to put the coffee down, because coffee is for closers. You don’t need more leads, you simply need to close the ones you get on the spot.

Lance Mason, aka Sensei from Pickup101 says if you can’t convince her to meet you another time while you are interacting with her face to face, what chance do you have over the phone or even email?

You’ve been charismatic and funny right there in front of her. She is in state, she is feeling the vibe. How are you going to do better than that 3 days later after she has met probably 5 other guys and you get the dreaded “who’s calling” response?

In the cases where I can’t get a commitment from the woman, I walk. I’m not interested in pandering to her ego. I have better things to do with my time and so should you.

In the case of giving her your number, she has to call you, so you have no input as to when or if she will contact you. But in most cases, she won’t contact you. Ever. You are also giving her all the control, which is unattractive to a hot woman. If they want your number, call her on it. Tell her if you can’t convince her to meet you in person, then it isn’t going to happen. Say it was a pleasure meeting her and walk away. You have to be prepared to walk away in order to win in this game. How many guys do you think do that to her?

The best way then, is to make plans to meet for coffee, etc, on such a day, at such a time. Ask if you can count on her to contact you if something happens (invoking the law of commitment), then exchange “contact information.” This alone will reduce flakes by 30%.

You could say something like, “its been great chatting with you, let’s continue this another time over a coffee, I want to show you X routine, Y story, etc.” Make it easy for her to say yes by getting her very curious about something you have to offer or can show her. You have to stand out in some way.

Lance says he will put his number into her phone, using an outrageous name, like studly guy, or anything else outside the norm that will stand out. You want her to think, “cool, this guy from the other day is calling,” not, “I guess I better deal with this loser.”

Ross Jeffries says that women categorize things in various ways. Doing their laundry, running errands, changing their tampons, are all annoying things they have to do. You never want to be in the same category as some annoying thing she has to take care of.

You can also get her email address and send something through before the planned meeting. The real key is to:

Meet her
Get her interested
Arrange to meet her again by making her curious
Ask to exchange contact information
Act in no way needy during any of this

Lance will also call her number right there in front of her and have a mini conversation with her, saying things like, “Hey X, it’s me. You’ll never guess, but I just met the cutest girl. Oh hang on, she’s looking at me right now. I want to meet her for coffee. Do you think I should kiss her? etc, etc.” All done in a fun and playful way. This also acts a way to condition her to receiving a call from you and hearing your voice/seeing your number on her phone, etc.

Try it out. Next time you meet a woman, ask her to meet you again before you get her number. If she says no, go back into making her interested/curious. When you make the date, invoke the law of commitment and exchange contact information. A day or so before the time, contact her to get her thinking about you. Email is the most effective for this. She can read it any time and when you get a reply, you will see when she had the time to contact you. You now have a better idea of a time to call her when you know she will be available.

Renegade writes for PUAhelpdesk.com and is dedicated to mastering the art of Seduction. He believes that knowledge inspires confidence, confidence inspires action and the more action you take, the more powerful you will become.

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